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Job Opening - Health Insurance Navigator

Job Description - Navigator for Health Insurance Enrollment

The Navigator is responsible for supporting patients and non-patients in accessing Medicaid and Marketplace insurance options and following through with all aspects of enrollment in those programs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Assist patients and non-patients in accessing information and coverage through Medicaid and the Marketplace, including enrollment, research, and follow up.
  2. Work to advocate for, educate, and assist families who are patients at MCHCC to maintain coverage from Medicaid and the Marketplace plans with minimal interruption in coverage.
  3. Work with the Navigator team to ensure appropriate coverage and availability.
  4. Maintain certification as an Indiana Navigator and a Certified Application Counselor.
  5. Coordinate dental and eye care appointments
  6. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Position Qualifications, Skills, Knowledge, Experience, Work Hours, and Travel Requirements:

  1. Willingness and ability to get and maintain certification as an Indiana Navigator and Certified Application Counselor
  2. Sufficient experience in cross-cultural settings to win the confidence of the Access Team Coordinator, Guardian of Integration, and administrative team.
  3. Work hours: typically 40 hours a week
  4. Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred
  5. Fluently bilingual: English/Spanish; oral and written
  6. Travel allowance for work-related activity as budgeted

Supervisory Relationships:

  1. Accountable to the Access Team and its leader, and through that team to the Guardian of Integration.
  2. Will receive a formal review from the Access Team Coordinator, evaluating how she/he is performing within the parameters of this job description. Employees at MCHCC begin their employment with a three-month provisional period. After provisional period reviews will occur annually.
  3. Appointment may be terminated by members of the administrative team for failure to perform his/her duties, with thirty days’ notice. She/he may be immediately suspended for behavior that jeopardizes the health care center. Either party may terminate the employment agreement with 1 month notice.

Salary Range and Benefits:

The Navigator will be paid according to the employee salary and wage policy.  He/she will receive the standard employee benefits package. Funds for continuing education will be available within limits of the budget and is subject to approval of the Guardian of Integration.

To apply, send resume, three references, and a cover letter to Liliana Ballge via email at lilianab@vistagoshen.org

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