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Our Solar Energy Project

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We plan to purchase and install solar energy for our two sites in order to:

  • Free up resources for patient care
  • Contribute to a cleaner environment
  • Improve the health of our community

The Vision:

Through a combination of grants, matches, loans, and donations, Maple City Health Care Center will purchase solar panels to help meet our power needs.

The Opportunity:

A group of friends of Maple City Health Care Center has generously offered financing for roughly two thirds of the cost of solar panels for our two sites (Phases One and Two).

Financial Benefits:

  • First 7 – 10 years, energy cost savings will equal the initial installation cost
  • Next 10 – 20 years, energy cost savings of $18,000 to $28,000 per year
  • Like an endowment, the initial investment will help sustain healthcare for vulnerable people in Goshen for many years

Social and Environmental Benefits:

  • Provide a positive example for other institutions and households to follow
  • Decrease the particulate emissions from coal and natural gas – emissions which cause lung cancer, asthma, and heart disease
  • Bolster Maple City’s image and attract new donors and grantors
  • Generate local economic activity and jobs
  • Help reduce climate change

The next generation

The next generation

We invite you to help with one of these gifts:

  • 200 donations of $20
  • 50 donations of $100
  • 16 donations of $1,000


Help us improve community health and affordable access to quality care for the next generation of our Goshen neighbors



You may mail your gift to: Solar Project, Maple City Health Care Center, 213 Middlebury Street, Goshen IN 46528

To donate online, go to Solar Project Maple City Health Care Center

Financial Details


Phase One - Expenses

  • Cost of solar infrastructure and enough solar panels to generate 60% of current electricity usage = $150,000

Phase One - Resources

  • Financing from group of friends = $120,000
  • Donations needed for Phase One = $30,000

Phase Two - Expenses

  • Cost of (1) added solar panels to generate 80% of current usage and (2) equipment changes for improved efficiency to eliminate 20% of current usage = $40,000

Phase Two - Resources

  • Donations needed for Phase Two = $40,000

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