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Ways We Help

Health Care
We Care for Babies and Mothers

We Care for Babies and Mothers

We help people who feel sick or who need a physical exam. We help people stay healthy. We care for people who have life-long diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure. We help people find special medical care. We help people to recover from substance use disorders. We care for people of all ages, nationalities and income levels.

Babies and Mothers

We care for mothers and their babies before birth, during birth, and after birth. Before birth, mothers can choose to see a doctor or they can choose to join a Centering Pregnancy group to receive medical care, birth classes, and to form relationships with other mothers in the neighborhood.

Our pregnancy care coordinator visits mothers in their homes to help with nutrition and breastfeeding and to offer emotional support.

Life-Long Diseases

We help people with diseases that cannot be cured — diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Our nurses and educators help people develop healthy habits. We offer support groups where patients help each other.

Life Challenges

Sickness is often connected to family or money issues, or to feeling sad, afraid, angry, lonely, or depressed. We provide counseling to help with these problems. One of our counselors is psychologist, one is a clinician and two are licensed clinical social workers.

Substance Use Disorders

We provide one-on-one counseling as well as medication-assisted treatment. We offer a bi-weekly support group where people with substance use disorders help and support each other.


We offer some medicines at reduced prices. We help people apply to drug companies for free or reduced medicine. We help people pay for medicine.

Making Connections
Our social workers, Juan and Audrey

Our social workers, Juan and Audrey

Sometimes people have problems that we cannot solve. We help people connect with other doctors, dentists, eye doctors, and counselors.

We tell people where they can get help, we help them get there, and we stay in touch to make sure problems get solved. We work with other doctors and dentists to make sure that people can afford the care.

Health Insurance

We hire certified health insurance navigators. Our navigators help people find and apply for health insurance including Medicaid.

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