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The Table

Octavio and Denise (all names have been changed), a married couple with two young children moved into our neighborhood. We helped them obtain Emergency Medicaid coverage. We helped them with prenatal service and with the birth of their child. When Denise needed emergency surgery for a septic gall bladder, we asked the hospital and doctors to donate their services.

Octavio and Denise, to express their gratitude, saved up money for months and then used our conference room to host a banquet. They invited all of the doctors and staff who helped them. Medical staff sat at the table while Octavio and Denise served a delicious Mexican meal that they had prepared.

As we enjoyed each other’s company, we realized that all of us were being nourished.

Maple City Health Care Center is a table, a place where people gather to share, to be sustained, and to connect.

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